Mother Jones: Exclusive on Koch Brother’s Game Plan

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Illustration: Parker Brothers

Exclusive: The Koch Brothers’ Million-Dollar Donor Club

By Gavin Aronsen

Mother Jones, Tue Sep. 6, 2011

Read our inside account of the Koch brothers’ Vail seminar, and listen to the exclusive audio.

Twice a year, the billionaire industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch host secretive retreats for an exclusive list of corporate America’s rich and powerful to strategize and raise money for their right-wing political agenda. Mother Jones has obtained exclusive audio recordings that shed some light on the brothers’ latest retreat, held at a resort near Vail, Colorado, in late June.

Listen to the audio and read the roster of names and donations….

Phi Beta Iota:  What really strikes our editors is that these billionaires are buying governments for chump change–each is contributing in the very low millions and often in the very low hundred thousands.  One hundred million citizens giving $20 each would create a $2 billion war chest for democracy.  Go figure.

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