Paul Fernhout: Global Groundswell Mad as Hell

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Paul Fernhout

Global Groundswell: Mad as Hell

Eric Best,

Truthout, 9 September 2011


These are just a few examples of grassroots reactions around the world to governments that appear out of touch with or indifferent to the lives of the people – and the people are not standing for it anymore. They are standing up. And in so doing, they are able to leverage the Internet to discover important truths, publicize their efforts, reveal the tyranny or venality of the opposition and draw those of like mind into efforts of resistance and change.

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It also suggests a world in which rapid collaboration can occur around an idea faster than at any time in history. And this will make for volatile politics. This should be contemplated by regimes that have lasted this long without attending to the fundamental needs of people – jobs, education, health, opportunity. Where the governments are failing to “do it all” – and it seems increasingly that all governments are – people are rising up with unprecedented power to do more – if not all – for themselves.

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It is not too much to imagine this will involve the United States, where many are now fed up with its intransigent if not incompetent government.

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