DefDog: CIA Implosion Third Commentary

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You are both on track, and one thing Richard pointed out, “creeping amateurism in the leadership” is becoming institutionalized by their hiring young college grads with no military background.  These young folks are well intentioned but lack any understanding of military terms and thus do not understand when a combat commander asks questions.  The leadership is also removed from the real world of those he supports so we have what
is called death by powerpoint.

On the other hand, I am currently working with a retired military intelligence type, who doesn’t understand that putting together a weekly powerpoint briefing and emailing it out does not constitutes intelligence support.  We support a tactical organization and his brief goes to our higher-ups.   No concept here of supporting our actual customer, the tactical commander.  He is a product of PGIP and talking to others, that is what you get for your advanced degree, total disassociation from reality.

Phi Beta Iota:  Emphasis added.

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