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Marcus Aurelius

CIA runs all-source analytic competition for universities — neither the Open Source Center nor Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) are anywhere to be found.

Deja vu?

Covert Operation

WC Wins High Honors at CIA Tri-State Intelligence Simulation

Phi Beta Iota:  This was probably a variation of the superb Mid-Career Course (CIA's mini-war college) analytic exercise but lacking the meat that is to be found in the Mid-Career Course: the opportunity to learn that walking around and talking to PEOPLE is what fills in the gaps and leads to a more complete view.  Also lacking here, as it is in the Mid-Career Course, is any tutorial on analytic tradecraft, or any reference to external legal ethical human, online, and analog sources that generally have the 80% or more of the knowledge that CIA is simply not able to access because of its secrecy blinders.

Deja vu, indeed.

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