Venessa Miemis: Facilitating Trust & Capacity-Building in 21st Century Organizations

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Methods & Process
Venessa Miemis

Facilitating Trust & Capacity-Building in 21st Century Organizations

I just got back from co-facilitating my first Fusion, an amazing two day event in Mill Valley, California! (We modeled it after the Fusion retreat I attended a few weeks ago.)

The framing was intended to address the question many of us are asking at both personal and organizational levels today –

How do we shed old frameworks and practices (both cognitive and emotional) that are not serving us anymore, increase our ability to communicate, build our capacities, form dynamic and high-performance teams, and become more collectively intelligent?

So to answer that question, we gathered almost 20 high integrity futurists and systems innovators from our network to do a deep dive in trust, and actually start DOING IT in order to discover how. This was about kickstarting the process of going from a community of talk to a community of practice and action.

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