Yoda: Opus machine prints books in minutes

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Opus machine prints books in minutes at Politics and Prose

The new Opus machine at Politics and Prose bookstore on Connecticut Avenue in Washington can print and bind a book that is indistinguishable from one of the professionally mass-printed books on the shelves at the same store. Public domain works, out-of-print novels, electronic books supplied via publishing houses and personal books can all be printed in minutes while customers wait.

VIDEO 2:30 Via Washington Post

Phi Beta Iota:  Price is always an issue.  HOWEVER, now that “true cost” economics is converging with Occupy and the 99%, we anticipate that publishers and Amazon are in for an eye-opener.  This will also empower authors who choose to by-pass the entire “system” and local book stores who can be liberated from inventory and publisher overhead.

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