Mini-Me: Iran Is NOT a Nuclear Threat — Cover for Other Actions

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Who, Mini-Me?

Huh?   We, we, we've been lied to?  How can this be?

Top US Nuclear Expert Tells Obama: There Is No Weapons Threat From Iran

January 16, 2012 • 1:29AM

The former director of U.S. programs for production of nuclear materials and components for nuclear weapons, Clinton Bastin, sent an open letter to President Obama the morning of January 13, explaining that there is no weapons threat from Iran's fully safeguarded nuclear power and research programs. A copy of the letter, which the nuclear scientist also sent to the Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations, was made available to 21st Century Science & Technology magazine yesterday. It is reproduced below in full.

Bastin, who has served in leading positions in government since the 1950s, laid out the case on Iran in greater detail in an interview with 21st Century Science Nov. 18, 2011. The interview, which devastates the arguments for an Iranian nuclear weapons threat, is available at the 21st Century Science and Technology website.

Read letter.

Phi Beta Iota:  The Iranians certainly have nuclear weapons ambitions.  Bearing in mind that Zbigniew Brzezinski personally approved the Pakistani (Sunni) nuclear weapons program, it hardly seems fair to deprive the Iranian (Shi'ite) community of their own nuclear weapons program–from where we sit, they fear the Saudis and Pakistanis vastly more than they fear the USA.  The bottom line is that the White House is not making decisions based on intelligence with integrity.

UPDATE 22 March 2012.  The Iran situation appears to be theater:

1.  To meet oil futures bets made by Israel, Iran, and Wall Street [the high end — some sources say that oil futures were also bought at the low end such that the oil producing countries are not receiving any kick from the higher prices]

2.  To distract everyone from Israel pressing forward with more settlements and more atrocities against the Palestinians.

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