Bin Laden Show: Entries 00-99 UPDATED 2 April 2016

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Bin Laden Show….world's most expensive PSYOP that keeps on giving.


2016-04-02 BBC Censored Benazir Bhutto's Report that Bin Laden Had Been Murdered

2016-03-01 Osama bin Laden's will, personal letters made public

Bin Laden died in 2001; several fakes followed. The last Bin Laden was a patsy provided by the government of Pakistan to give Leon Panetta and Barack Obama a re-election bonanza. The SEALS figured it out and were killed over time. For Hillary Clinton to claim this as some kind of “qualification” simply sickens me. We are being led by the criminally insane.

2015-08-26 Bin Laden is “Alive and well in the Bahamas”, says Edward Snowden

2014-01-04 AL QAEDA: Bin Laden Alive! (We Do Not Make This Stuff Up!)

The fact that the US never gave proof of his death keeps these stories alive.

Phi Beta Iota: Bin Laden died in 2001. He was then resurrected (real person) by CIA and others at least three times (four counting the Abbottabad patsy) and photoshopped for other purposes, e.g. meeting with Condi Rice.

bin laden alive croppedSee Also: The Bin Laden Show Updated 2014-01-04

2013-11-26 Paul Craig Roberts: For the Record – Bin Laden’s 2001 Obituary Notice

2013-10-17 Paul Craig Roberts: Pakistani TV Interview Contradicts Story of Bin Laden Killing, and Mazzucco’s 9/11 Expose

2013-07-08 Berto Jongman: Pakistan’s Bin Laden Dossier & Commission Report on Abbottabad

2013-07-08 DegDog: SEAL Records on Bin Laden Raid Transferred to CIA

2013-05-07 Berto Jongman: Turk, Former CIA Agent, Claims Bin Laden Died in 2006, Guarded and Buried by Three Chechens, Dug Up for the Final Raid

2013-04-25 Jim Dean: Could It Be? Osama Bin Laden’s Son (and Jihad Heir) in USA on a Presidential Over-Ride?

2013-01-26 Mini-Me: Bin Laden — the Story Continues — Zero Dark Thirty as the Glorification of Treason — What Price Integrity? How Many SEALS Must Die For a Lie?

2013-01-26  Mini-Me: Bin Laden — the Narrative Continues

2012-10-15  Marcus Aurelius: National Geographic Plugs President on 4 November with Highly-Spun Bin Laden Narrative

2012-10-14  Marcus Aurelius: Mark Bowden Election Year Version of the Final Chapter of the Bin Laden Story

2012-08-19  Bin Laden Show: Zombie Emerges from Indian Ocean –

2012-05-10  Bin Laden Show 00: Taliban Offer Pre-9/11 and Post-9/11, US Rejection

2012-05-04 Mini-Me: Another Version of the Bin Laden Show From Pakistan Plus Bin Laden’s Ghost Planned to Kill Petraeus and Obama — Ed Rollins as Bin Laden?

2012-04-30 Mini-Me: The Bin Laden Road Show – Toward November 2012

2012-03-22 Mini-Me: The Bin Laden Show Goes on the Road Part III

2012-03-20 Mini-Me: The Bin Laden Show Goes on the Road Part II

2012-03-16 Mini-Me: Bin Laden Road Show Begins Part I – David Ignatius on the CIA’s “Captured” Abbottabad Files

Ed Rollins Plays Bin Laden?

2012-03-09  Bin Laden Show 79 Bert Laden – The Quest for Truth Continues

2012-02-18 Mini-Me: Every Terrrorist Either a CIA / FBI Patsy or Israeli False Flag? (Except Khost) + RECAP

2012-01-15:  Bin Laden Show 78: Bury Bin Laden at Arlington?

2012-01-12:  Bin Laden Show 77: Bert Laden – The Story Continues

2011-08-13 Robert Young Pelton: Bin Laden “Kill” & Back Story

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NOTE: The Bin Laden Show is a series of many links to enable the readers to cull out the ones that matter to them.  We are “sharing our confusion” and relying on the collective for additional sense-making.  All the individual bits are back-dated to be in sequence from 0000 1 May, this is the only post that will move forward as it is updated.  To scroll them all in reverse order, use this search <Bin Laden Show>

Bin Laden Show 76: Egyptian Faction Betrays BL

Bin Laden Show 75: Bin Laden Transfigured

Bin Laden Show 74: More Doubts

Bin Laden Show 73: One Skeptic’s Summary

Bin Laden Show 72: 20% US Voters Bin Laden Alive

Bin Laden Show 71: Bin Laden Won (Daily Beast)

Bin Laden Show 70: Iran Says BL a Prisoner First

Bin Laden Show 69: SNL Mocks Obama Smartly

Bin Laden Show 68: Choices & Consequences

Bin Laden Show 67: Paradigm Shift — Bin Laden and the Spring of Arab Revolutions

Bin Laden Show 66: Volcano of Lies, One by One…

Bin Laden Show 65: Puzzling Audio Probably Fake

Bin Laden Show 64: CIA Plays the Porn Card

Bin Laden Show 63: Joe Biden Not Worth Killing…

Bin Laden Show 62: Hoax Summary, DNA Evidence Trashed

Bin Laden Show 61: Ron Paul Gets It Right

Bin Laden Show 60: Balanced Muslim Perspective

Bin Laden Show 59: Waterboarding for Morons Part II–Senator John McCain Gets Explicit “NO–N, O”

Bin Laden Show 58: Bin Laden Journal No Arab Spring

Bin Laden Show 57: Senators are Gullible, Journal is Dubious–the Bin Laden Show Poised to Displace All Reasonable Thinking for Next Year

Bin Laden Show 56: Taliban on a Roll, BL Irrelevant

Bin Laden Show 55: Waterboarding for Morons

Bin Laden Show 54: Destroying Hooch, No Forensics

Bin Laden Show 53: Bin Laden Logs “Left Behind”

Bin Laden Show 52: Chinese Inspect the Pieces

Bin Laden Show 51: 1997 Tenet Kills Global Coverage

Bin Laden Show 50: Loose Ends (Arab View)

Bin Laden Show 49: Lawsuits Multiply

Bin Laden Show 48: PK ISI Chief Hamid Gul: Theater

Bin Laden Show 47: Eye, Ear, Nose Forensics

Bin Laden Show 46: Blackwater Blown in Abottabad in January 2010

Bin Laden Show 45: Overview of Fake Bin Ladens

Bin Laden Show 44: French Muslim Account of Fake

Bin Laden Show 43: Islamist Slam Fake Video

Bin Laden Show 42: Rumsfeld Aide Twitter Explosion

Bin Laden Show 41: Captured, Lost or at Camp Peary

Bin Laden Show 40: NIGHTWATCH 8 Stories, No Body

Bin Laden Show 39: Death of a Witness

Bin Laden Show 38: New Art from Staged Photo

Bin Laden Show 37: “CIA Stages Terror” + Recap

Bin Laden Show 36: Pakistan PM Allegations “Absurd” Plus 10-Year-Old Deal Anything Goes…

Bin Laden Show 35: (((Chomsky))) on Assassination

Bin Laden Show 34: Non-Event for Most Muslims

Bin Laden Show 33: How Did CIA Stage It?

Bin Laden Show 32: Journalists on Fiction and Lies

Bin Laden Show 31: Let Sleeping (Dead) Dogs Lie…

Bin Laden Show 30: Five Truths On Killing Bin Laden

Bin Laden Show 29: Wikipedia 75% Summary

Bin Laden Show 28: CIA Official Post & Photos

Bin Laden Show 27: No Tape Measure, No Body

Bin Laden Show 26: 5 Old CIA Videos “Unveiled” — Probably Planted by CIA for SEALS to “Find”

Bin Laden Show 25: Presidential Study Directive 11 of August 2010 and the Package Deal on Arab Spring, Muslim Brotherhood, Afghanistan, and Pakistan

Bin Laden Show 24: Abbottabad Resident Say Bin Laden Operation a Hoax

Bin Laden Show 23: Ding Dong Osama’s Dead–Ten Years and Trillions Too Late–A PR Stunt

Bin Laden Show 22: CRS Policy Questions

Bin Laden Show 21: Translation of Statement

Bin Laden Show 20: NIGHTWATCH on Pakistan

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Bin Laden Show 19: White House Photo Ops

Bin Laden Show 18: TheSOTTReport — US Government Psy-Ops – The ‘Killing’ of Bin Laden

Bin Laden Show 17: From Insane to Preposterous

Bin Laden Show 16: Over-Ruling the President

Bin Laden Show 15: Guantanamo & Wikileaks

Bin Laden Show 14: Dr. Steve Pieczenik Nails It–Bin Laden Died of Marfan in 2001–Reiterates (Has Proof) 9/11 Was a Cheney-Led Stand-Down False Flag Operation. Impeachment Now!

Bin Laden Show 13: Patraeus Silent Like a Lamb, Jim Corrs Redux “They Dug Him Up and Killed Him Again” — General Hamid Gul on CIA Hoax That Will Backfire

Bin Laden Show 12: Pesky Details

Bin Laden Show 11: Unarmed, Captured and Then Executed, No Photo, No Explanations–Plus Col G. I. Wilson on Careerism and Psychopathy in US Military

Bin Laden Show 10: Alternative Media

Bin Laden Show  09: NIGHTWATCH Review

Expert: Bin Laden cost the U.S. ‘trillions'

Phi Beta Iota: This is not correct.  Bin Laden was used by politicians and the military-industrial complex to justify trillions in war-related expenses, generally co-equal to the trillion a year the US Government has been borrowing “in our name.”  Immature intelligence and a lack of integrity in Whole of Government programs cost us trillions.  As we document in both a chapter and a book, terrorism is a traffic accident.  It is bad government that ends up costing us trillions.

The Sort-Of Official Story and also Details of raid on bin Laden compound unfold

There were no armed guards around the compound, said a U.S. official who asked not to be identified because the official was not authorized to speak on the record.

Bin Laden Show 08: History from 2001 Updated

Bin Laden Show 07: Ron Paul Forum Doubts…Anti-Islamic “Burial,” Pakistani Helicopters Involved, Expect NATO False Flag Terrorist Events (Remember Italy)…

Bin Laden Show 06: Glenn Beck & Muslims Agree — Seven Questions About Alleged Burial at Sea

Bin Laden Show 05: Old Photos, Old Body?

Bin Laden Show 04: President of Pakistan and China Against the Pakistani Military & Tribes

Bin Laden Show 03:  Fox News Take

Bin Laden Show 02: Questions White House Cannot Answer

Bin Laden Show 00: DNA Testing Fraud

ORIGINAL (Before Announcement)

This is all so very sad.  White House theater hits a new low.

Osama bin Laden corpse photo is fake (Guardian)

Image of bloodied man picked up by British newspapers has been circulating online for two years

Essence: Pictures of Bin Laden’s bloodied and shattered face were broadcast on Pakistani television, and soon found to be fake. Within hours of the pictures circulating, the US announced it hadburied the body at seain accordance with Muslim rules [actually not]. [Another report says US State Department claims to have the body.]  US claims to have known of this location since August 2010.  Others have documented Bin Laden's death years ago.  Seal Team Six deep inland?  Launched from where?

Phi Beta Iota: Who are we kidding?  The gullibility and ignorance of the US public is quite troubling.  Resurrect the dead, fake the death, exit Afghanistan as demanded by Pakistan.  The truth will emerge eventually, meanwhile, Obama buys time for the “system” to win four more years from a population that has lost its ability to think.  As a general observation, the 2001 reports of Bin Laden's death could possibly have been a Pakistani disinformation campaign, but the combination of lung and urinary tract and other infections Bin Laden was known to have could have spawned multiple variations of his death (or not), his death and a pretense he was still alive, etcetera.  From where we sit until proven otherwise, this is a massive deception of the US public–Dick Cheney would be proud–and if Bin Laden was actually delivered (we tend to doubt it)–it was a Pakistani gift not the result of US intelligence.  The Pakistani Air Force is neither stupid nor ill-equipped–US helicopters–including “stealth” helicopters–coming all the way in to Islamabad's suburbs from Afghanistan had to have clearance.  There are just too many dangling doubts on this, including double-tap to the face instead of the body.  High probability: not Bin Laden at all, or a decomposed corpse to begin with.

Osama bin Bogeyman? ‘CIA getting rid of old asset' (RT)

Interview with James Corbett.  Comparison of Bin Laden with Lee Harvey Oswald–and stark absence of evidence–while validating extra-judicial assassinations (including Libyan leadership).  Buries “War on Terror” as US covert operations false flag threat.

This is Where Osama Was Hiding, According to Google Maps

Osama Bin Laden’s Compound On Google Maps (BuzzFeed)

Pakistani hill town astonished by bin Laden's death (Reuters)

Bin Laden’s Plot To Kill The England Team (Sabotage Times)

Phi Beta Iota: As long as we're being silly…the Brits do it better.

Osama Death Photos Expected to be Released by White House (lalate new)

Osama bin Laden killed near Pakistan's West Point. Was he really hidden? (CSM)

‘Zero transparency in Bin Laden killing – media needs to raise questions' (RT)

Daily brief: Osama bin Laden is dead (FP)

Phi Beta Iota: Many links.  Not an intelligent skeptical question in the lot.  This is a classic deception that seeks to bury the truth about 9/11 while enabling an exit from Afghanistan as demanded by Pakistan.

Inside the Compound Where Osama Bin Laden Was Killed (ABC)

Phi Beta Iota: This is absurd.  How can anyone with a brain buy into this fiction?  This was staged in a Pakistani military resort town because it could not be done in Waziristan.   It is highly unlikely that Bin Laden was actually here, 1.3 kilometers from the national military academy, the town would have known.  At this time, all “evidence” points to a US deception operation fabricated in full partnership with the Pakistani's who donated a general officer's retreat and–if Bin Laden was there–put him in for the one night show in return for a US commitment to claim victory and leave Afghanistan.  9-11 truths remain to be brought forth.

Journal: Bin Laden, Dead or Alive, Makes Sense

Journal: Can’t Get No Satisfaction from US Intelligence Community…

Journal: Weak Signals Osama Bin Laden Dead

Journal: Weak Signals–Death of Osama Bin Laden & 9/11

NIGHTWATCH on Bin Laden Sightings–Saudi PSYOP?

NIGHTWATCH Extract: Bin Laden, Pakistan, & US

NIGHTWATCH: Focus on Pakistan’s 20-Year Bluff

Pakistan Rules in Afghanistan–Petraeus Who?

Reference: Senate on Losing Bin Laden & Tora Bora

Review: Osama Bin Laden–Dead or Alive?

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