DefDog: National Security versus National Well-Being

Corruption, Government, IO Impotency

Although this is about India’s version and a year old, I fear that the issues they identify there also exist in ours, but to a much larger degree….

NCTC: National Confusion on Terror

New Kerala, 2011

By South Asia Intelligence Review: The crisis in India today is one of capacities, and this cannot be addressed by the reinvention of institutional forms. It doesn’t matter if our responses are centralised or decentralised, as long as the executive agencies remain infirm, under-manned, under-trained and under-equipped.

Our principal problems lie, not in architecture, but in manpower, materials and execution. We have eviscerated our institutions over decades, and now believe that the solution lies in creating layer upon layer of meta-institutions to ‘monitor’, ‘coordinate’ and ‘oversee’ this largely dysfunctional apparatus.
Counter-terrorism: The Architecture of Failure, November 24, 2011

The National Counter-terrorism Centre (NCTC) is an ill-conceived, redundant and derivative, vanity project, which aspires to imitate its namesake in the US, without the strength, the sinews, the resources or the constitutional context that would make such aspirations attainable.

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