David Isenberg: Vice President Condi Rice?

Corruption, Government, Military, Peace Intelligence
David Isenberg

Brought forward from 22 December 2011 because of mention of Vice Presidential option for Mitt Romney (or Jeb Bush if the brokered convention takes place as many have suggested is planned).

Phi Beta Iota: Three observations must be made here. The first is that that intelligence was not faulty — Charlie Allen got it right with line crossers and the debriefing of the defecting son-in-law. George Tenet prostituted his office and betrayed the public trust. The second is that the book does not do justice to Dick Cheney and his shadow government behind the President's back.  Finally, the third observation, that no secretary of state in recent memory seems to have a strategic analytic model or the ability to actually address the ten high-level threats to humanity. They are, instead, in the immortal words of Madeline Albright (we do not make this stuff up), “a gerbil on a wheel.” We can do better.  A good start would be a foreign policy of peace, commerce, and friendship, a rejection of secret agendas, and a pursuit of a prosperous world at peace — a world that works for all.  Anything less is, in our collective view, a betrayal of the public trust.

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The Rocky Ascent of Condoleezza Rice

Joseph Lelyveld

The New York Review of Books, 22 December 2011

No Higher Honor: A Memoir of My Years in Washington
by Condoleezza Rice
Crown, 766 pp., $35.00

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