Event: 9-14 April Santa Barbara CA Dr. Don Beck Et Al Cracking the Master Code: Searching for a New Metaphor to Fascilitate Human Emergence

Advanced Cyber/IO, Cultural Intelligence

The Master Code: How to create the functional matrix for dealing with great complexity in the real world

Amid almost overwhelming uncertainty and upheaval all around, when the ground underneath our feet can shift in an instant and our fortunes and futures become an ever-morphing constant, what does practical Integral Leadership in the real world mean? How do you apply the principles and tools to deal with a complexity of variables, demands, necessities, and wildcards simultaneously?

In these treacherous times, how can you and your organization not only keep your head above water but thrive – and help others thrive?

You are invited

Dr. Don Beck and the Adizes Graduate School are pleased to invite you to a highly topical SDi certification seminar in Santa Barbara, California, to explore The Master Code and learn about the core intelligences and deep values that flow beneath what we believe and do in the communal, organizational spheres of our lives.


“Natural Design: Second Tier Leadership, Organizational Elegance and Integral Management”

Santa Barbara, California   April 9-14, 2012

This week offers a splendid learning opportunity in which you can take the basic three-day Level One course supplemented by a vast array of additional resources, and elect to attend the second part, Level Two, that is built around the SDi Natural Design package.


Natural Design
Thriving in times of turbulence 

… Understanding the nature and character of change may be most important to man’s future. ~ Clare W. Graves. May 27, 1965

Whether you are a beleaguered company CEO, institutional middle manager, community organizer, or a group member or leader of any kind and wish to make sense of interpersonal and group dynamics in these challenging times, this learning will equip you with radical new ideas, insights, and tools. If you are part of the growing numbers worldwide who are acutely aware that “business as usual” has the world in an awful mess, that the global economy is teetering and companies and financial institutions everywhere struggle to survive, this opportunity is for you. If you live with the reality of knowing the old ways of organizational life no longer suffice, this training is what you need now.

Elza Maalouf and Said Dawlabani, respectively CEO and COO of the Center for Human Emergence Middle East, and Darrell Gooden, large-scale systems specialist and Ph.D. candidate at Adizes Graduate School, will be among the guest presenters on board in beautiful Santa Barbara.

The Natural Design course includes powerful insights into …

*  how to recognize, identify, and define your organization’s “cultural DNA” codes and then elaborate those codes to functions to be performed

*   how everything is impacted whenever core values systems in the organization’s or group’s “cultural DNA” change

* how to design different kinds of organizations, whether educational, religious/spiritual, sports and high performance teams, military systems, entrepreneurial and service-oriented organizations such as airlines, hospitals, etc.

* how to apply the underlying processes,  principles and tools of Natural Design to transcend the old rigid, top-down leadership and management models

* how to synthesize approaches to leadership, organizational theory, and leadership styles

* how to go beyond holism into specific functional designs that morph and shift themselves as times change and new problems appear …

And so much more!


You will also have the opportunity to respond to the Culture-SCAN profiling system and to a series of othermassessments; participate in simulations and be exposed to case-studies that move beyond theory into real-world applications; and you will be challenged! The experience is fast moving – insightful and provocative – with day and evening sessions of high energy, and with very unique tools. You will make new friends and be inspired to be and do your best.
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As always in Santa Barbara, the SDi Level One certification will be offered immediately prior to the Natural Design course:

*   SDi Level One Foundations: April 9-11
*   SDi Level Two Natural Design: April 12-14

Read more about the training and what others say about it.
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