Gordon Duff: USG Taking Israeli Espionage & Influence Seriously?

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Gordon Duff

Is War on Israel Possible, We Hadn’t Thought So But….

To American Jews, the sound of this has to be strange. 78% support Obama but only 5% of Jewish donations go to him and his supporters.

President Orders Israeli Spies Jailed, Israel Watched As Potential Foe

… by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor

To American Jews, the sound of this has to be strange.   78% support Obama but only 5% of Jewish donations go to him and his supporters. 

The big money, Koch Brothers, Wall Street and the AIPAC spies and their supporters go to the Republicans, lifelong enemies of the Jewish people, in fact, the source of the huge upsurge of antisemitism in America.

Here is a video funded by the ADL and AIPAC attacking President Obama.  Problem is, in most of the world and much of America, this “attack piece” is seen as a poorly done pro-Obama video.  We aren’t kidding, things have gone that far.

Read rest of article including link to Koch Brothers propaganda video.

Phi Beta Iota:  We have been calling for religious counterintelligence since at least 2003, generally focused on the very negative, unlawful, and often treasonous misbehavior of US citizens with top secret/special compartmented information known to hold dual citizenship with Israel.  Anyone with a security clearances that holds dual citizenship with Israel should be given a choice: lose the Israeli citizenship, or lose the clearances.  They should all be subject to oversight by a highly specialized religious counterintelligence unit with divisions for Opus Dei, the Mormons, the Pentecostals, and others that preach higher loyalties justifying treason to the Republic.  With respect to the current stories, there is no open evidence that the Administration is doing anything serious with respect to containing Israel government covert operations in the USA.  As long as a Goldman Sachs lobbyist is in the position of National Security Advisor (hereafter, Nanny to the President), and Goldman Sachs owns both the Fed and the Secretary of the Treasury positions, Obama would appear to be quite helpless and inconsequential, bracketed as he is by the the huge financial services industry syndicate and the combination of entitlement and national security stakeholders.

Religious Counterintelligence at Phi Beta Iota

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