DefDog: NSA Ubber Alles – Resistance is Futile

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Outside the normal press field, this is the second article I saw today in
CSO Salted Hash newsletter about Big Brother….

Will Obama preside over the coming of Big Brother?

Privacy advocates and civil libertarians say among the president's broken promises is a failure to restrain the NSA's growing domestic surveillance


April 25, 2012 — CSO

If President Barack Obama is going to win a second term, he may have to do it without the support of privacy and civil liberties organizations, including those in information and personal security.

Increasingly the president, who was expected to fulfill the dreams of civil libertarians by creating a more open, transparent and less-intrusive government, is instead being viewed as a nightmare.

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Phi Beta Iota:  This is not about Obama — or whoever is in the White House including Romney or Ron Paul or Hillary Clinton.  This is about a financial system that is on auto-pilot, that has rotted out the core of the Republic.

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NSA Domestic Intercept Map? NSA Lies, Spies in Orwellian World of Gov't Surveillance

The NSA possible domestic interception/collection points have been mapped and include seven AT&T and one Verizon location. Despite NSA Chief Alexander denying domestic spying, NSA whistleblower Binney told Democracy Now that the NSA is lying and has copies of all emails in the United States. Binney added that the Total Information Awareness program was alive and covertly running . . . and may still be.

Read full article, see map of seven known NSA sites focused on domestic US targets.

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