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When it comes the the elites' population reduction/eugenics agenda, the beat just keeps going on. More news related to this agenda seems to be coming out every week. Is there something in the air? Are the elite and their scientist shills panicking, even if ever so slightly?

The UN Agenda 21 calls for an 85% reduction in human population in the near future, a figure unobtainable by contraceptives and attrition, even with massive levels of abortion and euthanasia. “Obamacare” is a really a “softkill” program that openly intends to deny the elderly medical services to increase mortality rates.

But that will not be enough. Elitists will starve, poison, infect, and outright murder billions more to eliminate us. The elite, the royal families and billionaires, do not need massive labor forces or military ranks in this modern age of computers and robotics. They see “We the People” as a overhead to be written off, an obsolete management problem. They can meet their needs with a much smaller cadre of technological servants and robots. They don’t need to worry about managing billions of people’s wants and needs if we are dead. And when we are gone, they can have the whole planet to themselves with vast nature preserves and parks to enjoy. They envision living in a Star Trek world where elite families live in high tech luxury with great power on a low population planet where slave camps are conveniently out of sight, and the ground is filled with bones! This is the Royal Society goal!”

Elite Eugenicists Call For Mass Depopulation, Drastic Reduction In Energy Consumption

Royal Society study yields unsurprising results, Ecoscience co-author calls for “move to population shrinkage as humanely and as rapidly as possible”

Steve Watson, Prisonplanet.com, April 27, 2012

The Royal Society, an organisation made up of renowned eco-fascists and depopulation fanatics, has released a “major report” calling for the “stabilization” of global population and reductions in consumption in developed countries.

The report is the unsurprising result of a 21 month “objective” study on human population growth and its implications for social and economic development.

Read full article with many links — a name by name expose.

Veterans Today Story

Phi Beta Iota:  In the absence of intelligence with integrity, governments promote what they are paid to promote, mindful that they only could what they are paid personally in bribes, not the fact that the public is funding the government.  A massive global tax revolt is inevitable.  What is being done in our name is unaffordable, unethical, and down-right criminally negligent.  The five billion poor have five billion brains, and that is the one inexhaustible resource on the planet.  INTEGRITY is the path to self-governed population control, not eugenics, war, and plagues such as both Israel and North Korea have been working on.  The secret US solutions for wiping out “dead” cities full of “useless eaters” (we do not make these terms up)  can only be imagined in the context of a nightmare.

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