Reference: Warren Pollock and Reinhardt of Enterprise Corruption

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Newsletter writer “Reinhardt” joins me for his first public appearance anywhere. Concerned with the Enron debacle, Reinhardt discovered a repeated pattern of industrial and political corruption over history that applies to critical issues of today.

Starting in 1993, Reinhardt began a person business journal. Its was a journal of things that just did not seem right in the world of high finance. In the process of keeping a journal he learned what to pay attention to and why to pay attention to it. He looked at media, political, and business propaganda from a different perspective. He noticed which events got the most airtime were never the most important. It was always the under-reported events which were most important.” Reinhard thew away his history books as he studied booms and busts going as far back as 4000 BC. Reinhardt has applied that knowledge and critical thinking approach to his ongoing analysis of current events.

Enterprise Corruption

Important points covered.

Enron  .  Tyco  .  2008 Market Crash  .  Military movement provide cheap labor for trade routes  .  Dutch Settlement Scheme  .  Emmegration  .  Special Interest  .  Long View  .  Critical Thinking  .  Overview  .   modern silk road  .  northern distribution network  .  world trade  .  military use of trade routes  .  military industrial complex  .  corporate imperative  .  Afghanistan  .  US military  .  war  .  The fallacy of Adam Smith  .  the fallacy of ideology  .  the fallacy of free markets  .  government involvement in industry  .  trends in labor value  .  dutch east india company  .  socialism communism  .  divide and conquer  .  totalitarianism in our fascist regime  .  think tanks  .  loss of control

Phi Beta Iota:  An extraordinary contribution by Warren Pollock and his guest “Reinhardt” of Newsweek.  Tip of the Hat to Josh Kilbourn for the pointer.

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