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Corruption, crime, false testimony, lies, are sand in the gears of society.  All of our institutions — academia, civil society, commerce, government, law enforcement, media, military, and non-government/non-profit  — have lost their integrity and embraced a culture of cheating, corruption, and living lies at every moment.  If we are to survive as homo sapiens, we must restore integrity to every aspect of our existence.  At multiple levels, the majority of us–including myself–are simply not ready to rise to the opportunities before us, including the salvation of the US political system in 2012, rather than “four more years” of corruption so pervasive it shames us, taints us, for eternity.

Tip of the hat to Berto Jongman, one of Europe’s finest researchers, for pointing me to the work of Mike Bara.  Below are  short presentations of his two key books, and my notes on his 2010 presentation (following the embedded video), as well as some additional suggested viewing and reading.

Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA, Enlarged and Revised Edition

The New York Times bestseller about the strange history of NASA and its cover-ups regarding its origins and extraterrestrial architecture found on the moon and Mars is even more interesting in its new edition.

Authors Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara include a new chapter about the discoveries made by ex-Nazi scientist and NASA stalwart Wernher von Braun regarding what he termed “alternate gravitational solutions,” or the rewriting of Newtonian physics into hyperdimensional spheres.

The Choice: Using Conscious Thought and Physics of the Mind to Reshape the World

There is a great shift coming in the near future. We can all feel it. But what does it truly herald for the planet we inhabit?

Is there reason for concern about the apocalyptic prophecies of the Mayan calendar, and is there an underlying physics driving these changes?

How do planetary alignments and astronomical events such as the ones predicted for 2012 affect your consciousness?

And most importantly, what can each of us do to influence this coming shift in both consciousness and physical reality?

Below the line: VIDEO from 2010 (1:28:24), and My Notes, More on Mike Bara

Time is cyclical, not linear

The physics we experience id driven by the geometry of the system that we live in — the cosmic system. There are higher dimensions — energies, different waves.

Any systems like that is that is harmonic is going to be in one of two states — either very stable, or very unstable.

Mars has ruins.  Tetrahedron is the common dimension at root.  If you put one in a sphere, the points touch at 19.5 degrees.  Civilization and the cosmos have evolved on this basic foundation.  Could be as many as 26 different spacial dimensions.

When living in a three-dimensional system, the fourth dimension can be perceived at 19.5 degrees.  Electro-magnetic spectrum — and the information contained therein — are pervasive yet not perceived by most.

Newton works great UNLESS you spin something.  If you SPIN something, it PULLS energy from a higher dimension.

A spin-field can twist spacetime.  Einstein conceptualized a metric torsion tension tensor field.

Lots of numerology — lots of 13’s and 26’s, like decimal harmonics.

Speed of light changes depending on where you are in the cosmos.  Positions of the planets affect quality of radio waves and presumably others forms in the spectrum.

Astrology–and everything the Mayans did–is real.  Each of us is unique, born in relation to the cosmos at a unique time and place.

See film for the rest of it.

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