Theophillis Goodyear: Will Durant and the Original Declaration of Interdependence

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence
Theophillis Goodyear
The Declaration of Interdependence was launched on March 22, 1945 at a gala event in Hollywood.
Will Durant’s Declaration of Interdependence (PDF)

I’ve read Durant’s declaration over and over, and one phrase stands out.
” . . . bonded in the fellowship of danger . . . “
Each time I read it, those words went under my radar. But I think I finally got it.
The danger he’s talking about is uncertainty: the eternal existential dilemma.
Even if humans were the most loving and cooperative species in the entire universe, it wouldn’t relive our existential uncertainty, because all of our collective truths could still fall short of providing the big picture necessary for our survival.
I think that’s what he meant by “bonded in the fellowship of danger.”
Even in the best of circumstances, humans are eternally vulnerable to forces far greater than us. And if we were smart, we would cling together so that we could face those forces with all our collective potential and creative ingenuity.
If we were smart.

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