Howard Bloom: Kickstarter Campaign on Godless Cosmos

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence
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If you believe in taking rebel ideas to the core of our society, if you believe in your right to think in brand new ways, if curiosity is your passion and insight is your ecstasy, then join me in a crusade.  A crusade for a perceptual revolution, a crusade to change the way we see. Go to  pick a reward, and invest in driving new ideas home.

Phi Beta Iota:  Howard Bloom is a moral and intellectual force that should not be ignored.  We strongly recommend his work.  Below are links to three other books he has done.

1997 The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History

2001 Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century

2011 The Genius of the Beast: A Radical Re-Vision of Capitalism

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