Mini-Me: Agent Orange Dump Courtesy US Marines

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Deadly legacy of Agent Orange spreads to Japan

U.S. veterans have told the Japan Times that the Marine Corps buried a massive stockpile of Agent Orange at the Futenma air station in Okinawa, Japan. This buried stockpile has possibly poisoned the base’s former head of maintenance and is potentially contaminating the ground beneath the base, as well as nearby residents. The former mayor of the nearby town of Ginowan said local authorities had never been told of the 1981 Agent Orange find, and that he was worried about the potential level of contamination in the ground water and land, which consists of many caves and natural springs. ‘If the dioxin is still in the soil, then we can confirm its presence with sampling. But the Japanese government won’t grant permission to conduct such tests within U.S. installations in Okinawa,’ Iha said. 20 schools and 109 more elementary schools are in close proximity to the barrels’ location…

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Under Japanese law, the U.S. military is not responsible for cleaning up former bases returned to civilian usage, and apparently has a bad track record of polluting its installations in Okinawa.

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Robert Steele

ROBERT STEELE:  Marines like to claim they are the “gold standard” for integrity.  This is delusional idiocy.  The fact is that the entire US Government, each Cabinet Department, each agency, each service, have devolved into little cesspools of fraud, waste, and abuse.  There is neither intelligence nor integrity in the US Marine Corps, or the rest of the US Government.  A Director of National Intelligence (DNI) with integrity would insist–demand–and implement an intelligence program that began with “Ground Zero.”  Until we get the truth on the table about what, when, where, why, and how of our past crimes against humanity and the Earth, we will not be in a position to deal with it.  Absent that truth as a starting point–and absent strategic intelligence that is  holistic (ten threats, twelve policies, eight demographics)–the US Government cannot–even with the best of intentions that are nowhere apparent–act in the public interest.

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