Owl: Radioactive Panic on West Coast Likely – Government Continues to Lie to Public About Actual Facts and Probable Trends

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Connecting Some Dots: Fukishima, the World Economy and NDAA

The on-going catastrophic, massive release of nuclear radiation from Fukishima offers a high probability of being cataclysmic in its effects and implications for the world economy, the health of millions of people and the continued freedom, such as it is, of US citizens, and may trump by far all other crises, in the light of the article:

Fukushima, Washington Hides ‘Black Swan’ of Economic Collapse

Some chilling items from it:

Radioactivity in the west coast of the US:

“Due to increasing reports of nuclear contamination found in pollen across the U.S. West Coast, babies with elevated becquerel levels of nearly 10 times normal (presumably from mother’s milk), and a statistically unusual number of children with flu-like symptoms who won’t respond to conventional medical protocol, the truth about Fukushima could easily break out into a national panic significant enough to trigger an economic collapse of the U.S. economy and dollar, according to Consolo.

That’s “what we found from Freedom of Information Act requests . . . transmissions between the U.S. government, the Chinese, the Russians and the Japanese from the beginning of the disaster until now, and that includes NRC (National Regulatory Commission) transcripts of phone calls,” Consolo explained.

“They were well aware of high the levels were, and that they were coming over here,” she added.  “In fact, infants in California were exposed to 40,000 becquerels (symbol Bq: the human body has 4,400 Bq, on average, from decaying potassium) of iodine 131—that causes thyroid cancer—from Mar. 17 to the beginning of April.”

Evidence of government agencies covering up full health effects of Fukishima on US west coast:

“And there was an actual letter that came from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) telling physicians in California not to put people on potassium iodide (KI),” Consolo continued.  “And the only thing that I can draw from that is they didn’t want to panic people; they didn’t want them to know how bad the situation is.  But the problem is that the situation is ongoing.

From the U.S. FDA Web site.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that all children internally contaminated with (or likely to be internally contaminated with) radioactive iodine take KI, unless they have known allergies to iodine. Children from newborn to 18 years of age are the most sensitive to the potentially harmful effects of radioactive iodine.

Consolo also noted that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suddenly stopped testing rainwater, soil and milk for contamination two weeks following the disaster.  But private tests conducted after the EPA stopped its testing, including ones performed by the University of California at Berkeley, in particular, reported “in November, that the levels of cesium in cow’s milk are actually 150 percent higher than they were in April of last year,” she paraphrased.

Consolo intimated that the EPA stopped testing because its reports would eventually become available to the public through the inevitable Freedom of Information requests, giving rise to the speculation for the stoppage among many others in the nuclear community as a possible reason for the EPA’s withdrawal and the progressively worsening data it would need to conceal through time.”

Why Obama Took on the Risks of Quickly Signing Anti-Constitutional Legislation:

“And the threat to U.S. national security as well as the implications to the global economy a nuclear contamination multiple-times more devastating than Chernobyl poses to America may have been the impetus for President Obama’s rapid-fire signing of the Executive Orders of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in January and the National Defense Resources Preparedness Act (NDRPA) in March, possibly suggesting that President Obama’s motives for these pair of politically catastrophic actions (during an election year) were, in a sense, mischaracterized as a executive branch power grab by media instead of an unpredictable dialogue that could trigger an immediate crisis of panic if the rational for an obvious abrogation (suspension) of the Constitution were made public.”

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