Don Beck: Three Book Rave and Spiral Dynamics in September

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Don Beck

Dear Friends,

Here’s an old question I often put to my students in training: When you find yourself enveloped in twilight, can you be sure it’s just before the dark of night … or, instead, before a bright new day will dawn? Think about that for a while.

Indeed, no one can doubt that at this point the state of the world is of grave concern.
But have you noticed?  As our complex global challenges increase by the day, also more and more extraordinary human beings are pointing to a different direction for humankind. Unlike those succumbing to despondency and fear, they bear bright tidings – not of the imminent collapse of all we hold dear but of wise new ways to a whole other manner of doing and being. These intrepid ones are beacons of clarity and light for our world. They sound the clarion call for new systems of seeing, solving, and evolving.

Right now, the best-selling books by three such excellent humans compel our attention. We have written to you about them before, but the sheer importance of their recent publications bears repeating.

Foremost thought-leaders all, these authors are…

James O’Dea, renowned peace-builder in international social healing and reconciliation dialogues, who swept the sales charts on last week with Cultivating Peace: Becoming a 21st Century Peace Ambassador;

Carter Phipps, writer, speaker and the former executive editor of EnlightenNext magazine, whose Evolutionaries: Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science’s Greatest Idea draws wide attention for its far-reaching insights and understanding;

… and Lynne McTaggart, internationally recognized speaker and writer on the science of spirituality, whose critically acclaimed The Bond: How to Fix Your Falling-Down World is out now as a paperback edition.

Separately and together, these luminary authors all offer a new blueprint for change in an uncertain world.

And all of them highlight the power and potency of Spiral Dynamics and the Gravesian methodology for forging a better tomorrow for all. We are honored and pleased to have our work endorsed so prominently. See the left side-bar for a few brief extracts from these remarkable books.

2012 Spiral Dynamics Confab Week

If the above resonates and stirs your interest and passion – if you realize that YOU have a unique and important role to play in the major changes that are taking place on our planet and in human evolution  – we invite you to commit today to joining us at our 13th annual Spiral Dynamics Confab taking place in Dallas, Texas, in early September.

This will be a very special event and an exceptional learning opportunity – up close and personal!

Our Confab theme is The Momentous Leap – Spiral Dynamics in Action: Deciphering the Master Code in the Age of Complexity, Collaboration and Emergence – A Functional, Integral Pathway to a Sustainable Future. And  right now we are assembling a stellar international team of leading SDi presenters and practitioners to inform and inspire you profoundly.

Registration is already brisk, with participants coming to Texas from locations as geographically diverse as China, Iceland, South Africa, Europe, Canada, all around the US, and more. Don’t delay in signing up.

At the Confab, you will have the chance to explore with us, and experience and learn a multitude of well-grounded insights, practices, strategies, tactics, and techniques. We will show and share how to apply this unique methodology – the mature, fully-developed, and well-researched framework for preparing for the “Momentous Leap,”  suited equally for individuals, organizations and entire societies. You will learn how to activate your own life for making a difference, whether in your relationships, your neighborhood, your community, your town, your country … or, who knows, even the whole planet.

At our event website, you can read a great deal more about why you should register for this opportunity today.

Note, especially, that we plan to introduce you to aspects of Graves’ work that none has seen before, with a focus on practical applications to address the critical issues that we now face as we anticipate such a leap.
We plan to take on the most challenging problems that face us as we encounter a great amount of chaos, turbulence, and  uncertainty in our “never-ending quest” to survive and prosper on the planet.

We will seek to break new ground in constructing an Integral process to transcend the forces of polarization and growing bitterness and potential violence in the United States, and elsewhere; and, in a special practical application, will introduce the first Confab Debate to simulate, model, resolve, and transcend the traditional vs. progressive paradox that so often drives us apart.

Last but not least, the 2012 Confab will mark the launching of the Global Vital Signs Monitor. We have been granted the opportunity to design such a monitor at The Memnosyne Foundation‘s Campus for Humanity here in Dallas – a most profound occurrence in the history of Gravesian thinking and Spiral Dynamics. This is a dream come true, and we will invite your  participation in its creation and implementation.

Will you commit to The Momentous Leap today?

PS. Don’t forget: We offer our SDi foundational Level One certification training on September 3-5 in Dallas, immediately prior to the Level Two Confab. Please pass the word on to your friends and colleagues who may not yet have experienced the full and very rich 3-day theoretical grounding in the model.

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