Worth a Look: The People’s Congress (USA)

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The People’s Congress

United to exercise the self-evident sovereignty of the American people over our government

Peoplescongress.org is calling for a week long event in which We the People pass specific amendments and legislation which, if enacted by Congress, would put an immediate end to the corporate take-over of our government, revitalize and re-democratize elections,  allow for a more responsible and open media, and end the secrecy in policy making. Until we reform these institutions and the laws governing them, our goals for a just and sustainable world will remain elusive at best. An earnest national dialog about our future cannot happen until we re-balance the wheels of democracy. It is the intention of the People’s Congress to secure that change directly in accordance with the will of the People and the principles established by our Constitution.

Phi Beta Iota:  This is an Occupy initiative funded by the Alliance for Global Justice.  It is a good idea, but lacks the understanding necessary to keep the Congress in permanent virtual session, using National Ballot Initiatives and organizations such as the National Council on Dialog and Deliberation (NCDD) to actually create a Committee of the Whole — all citizens connected to all relevant informatioin all the time.

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