Owl: China Delivered Turn-Key Nuclear Ballistic Missile System to Saudi Arabia from 2003

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Who? Who?

The most interesting item mentioned in this article about this self-published book from a CIA contractor, is the following:

“ALEXANDRIA, Va. (CN) – Former CIA contractor Jonathan Scherck published a book “containing intelligence-related information” without the CIA's permission and in violation of his secrecy agreements, the United States claims in Federal Court…In the excerpt from his book, Scherck writes: “As I will lay out in much greater detail, I believe the People's Republic of China delivered a turn-key nuclear ballistic missile system to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the course of several years beginning no later than December 2003. This illicit transfer, a flagrant violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, occurred while Dick Cheney was managing both the intelligence and foreign policy portfolios of the George W. Bush administration.”  Scherck says in the book that he worked as a collection management officer in the CIA from mid-January 2005 to April 3, 2007.  “I was one of only a few individuals in Washington with access to what was being said overseas at the time about Saudi Arabia's procurement of a new ballistic missile system from China,” according to the book. “I read things, I heard things, I saw things. Admittedly, I did not see all – but I saw enough.”

CIA Contractor's Online Book Brings Suit

BOOK: Patriot Lost (CreateSpace, 2010)

YouTube: Saudi Arabia's Missile Program Warrants United Nations/IAEA Inspection (2011)

Phi Beta Iota:  He is not making money on the book — it has sold under 500 copies at Amazon, yielding 45% of retail to the author.  either the CIA is clueless on how its lawsuits actually promote books that would otherwise remain obscure, or someone on the political side has decided Israel needs an assist in publicizing Middle Eastern threats, however nominal, to Israel.

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