Allen Roland: The Moon is Down in Afghanistan – Agony, Cognitive Dissonance, & Here in the USA 18 Veteran Suicides, Day After Day After Day…

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The Moon is Down in Afghanistan, Flies Have Conquered Flypaper

The continuation of attacks on US soldiers by uniformed Afghan soldiers and policemen is an expression of popular hatred for the occupation regime and military invasion forces which brings to mind John Steinbeck’s classic novel The Moon Is Down. Steinbeck fully captures the inner agony, shame and moral guilt of the German occupying forces in Norway whereas the flies eventually conquer the flypaper ~ as they most assuredly will in Afghanistan

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The flies are beginning to conquer the flypaper in Afghanistan , as they did in Vietnam and Martin makes the same analogy ~ “There is a stench of decomposition over the whole US-NATO enterprise in Afghanistan. US troops are being drawn down, US equipment removed, US subsidies cut back, and the US collaborators in the Karzai regime are packing their bags—usually stuffed with cash—and checking their passports. Kabul today increasingly recalls Saigon in the final months and weeks before the collapse of the US-backed puppet regime of South Vietnam.”

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  I personally communicated to Jim Clapper, then Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, the importance of understanding “cognitive dissonance” within the minds and souls of our dedicated military and civilian personnel.  There is a great deal more to the craft of intelligence than going through the motions pumping money and being complacent about policy, acquisition, and operations decisions that are at best insane and at worst criminally treasonous.  Now that I have an SSBI completed by OPM on 15 March 2012  I have applied for multiple positions at the 13-15 level and I am actively seeking righteous employment in the HUMINT/CI arena.  It’s time we got serious about bringing US Intelligence into the 21st Century.  General Mike Flynn will fail — I have seen the plans — in two years when he moves on there will be a legacy of paper and not much else.  DHS and SOCOM are off the rails (based on open sources–we can only imagine what a full audit would reveal).  We appear to have the makings of a very expensive global to local inter-agency cluster fuss such as I have not seen since my tour in Panama.  Have brain (and integrity), will travel.

PS  Please do not hold it against me that retired foreign intelligence chiefs like what I do.  I am no longer in touch with them and I  believe their good opinion should be considered a feature not a flaw, assuming my views on the urgency of M4IS2 are eventually accepted as the foundation for a vastly more effective US IC.

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