Former Comptroller General David Walker, Wall Street Trojan Horse, Rides Again – The Bus Tour to Distract the Public From Electoral Reform

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David Walker

UPDATED 8 August 2012 with comments from Common Cause, others.

Buyer Beware – A New York Shill Takes to the Highway

The Hon. David M. Walker, former U.S. Comptroller General, today announced a first-of-its-kind national bus tour to engage Americans about our nation's deteriorating financial condition ­ and show them what they can do to help restore fiscal sanity.

The “$10 Million a Minute Tour” will help voters understand that we face a fiscal cliff in January 2013 and a possible U.S. debt crisis within the next two years.

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Robert Steele

ROBERT STEELE: David Walker quit his job as Comptroller General at year 9 of a 15 year appointment.  He substituted loyalty for integrity in failing to publicly challenge the deregulation of the banking industry in the Clinton Administration (1999, perhaps feeling too new to the office he was given), and when he finally did sound the alarm in 2007 on the fiscal crisis, he failed to publicly challenge the two presidential candidates, then sitting Senators Barack Obama and John McCain, for failing to heed his alarm.

He accepted a golden parachute offer from Peter Peterson, a Wall Street magnate, and has done little of value since leaving the government in 2008, the highlights being a mediocre website, a movie nobody has seen, and a rather nice back-door beefing up of the Wikipedia Page on Balance Budget, something that was reprinting in ELECTION 2008: Lipstick on the Pig (2008).

He is too passive, too focused on not alienating the very people who should be indicted and then put in jail.  He is “one of them.”  In a word, Walker lacks integrity in the authentic holistic sense.  He is not alone.  Like so many others, he lacks the spine to focus on corruption, the two-party tyranny, and the need for an Electoral Reform Act of 2012 in time to reboot the Republic in November 2012.  His patron, Peter Peterson, while publishing an excellent book, the  first of its kind, Running on Empty: How the Democratic and Republican Parties Are Bankrupting Our Future and What Americans Can Do About It (2005), subsequently retired to the shadows in favor of Michael Bloomberg's and other wealth patrons of the trilogy of false flags,, NO LABELS, and Americans Elect.  This bus tour is the fourth act of the circus.  Occupy Wall Street has been successfully diverted with throw-away grants for the few that are organized, while the mini-mobs elsewhere are ignored.  The Tea Party remains safely under the control of the Koch Brothers.  Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich have played out their roles as controlled opposition uncommitted to actual electoral reform and the restoration of the Constitution–they are frauds who are now retiring.  The minor party candidates are inconsequential.  See below for the 13 July 2012 report to Hackers on Planet Earth in NYC:

2012 Testing the Two-Party Tyranny and Open Source Everything – The Battle for the Soul of the Republic

Attentive citizens will note that every single person participating in the bus tour has in the past been wittingly complicit in  the annual borrowing of one trillion dollars a year that started under Ronald Reagan and coincided with Newt Gingrich destroying the bi-partisan comity in the legislative branch, in favor of the impeachable abdication by both parties on the Hill of their Article 1 responsibilities — our legislators became “foot-soldiers” for the President (if from the same party) or obstacles to effectiveness (if not).

There is only one responsible holistic approach to recovery at this time, We the People Reform Coalition, which is moribund.  The public has the government it deserves–a public more  interested in donating five million dollars for an open source gaming controller, than in restoring integrity to the electoral process and governance of the Republic.  Absent a benefactor or two able to put wealth in the service of intelligence with integrity, I anticipate that Obama will win, there will be a Reduction in Force in February 2013, and the USA will suffer a massive economic heart attack in 2012-2014.  All for lack of integrity in the US Government and the electoral process that keeps hardened criminals in office.

Phi Beta Iota:  Subsequent comments from both Common Cause and a former Deputy Secretary in the Reagan Administration have confirmed Steele's evaluation of Walker as a toxic front for the anti-entitlements agenda of Peter Peterson.  Balanced Budget in this case is a  code for screw the public, keep the various complexes (agricultural-, energy-, health-, military-, prisons-) alive.  Sample comment:

Once again, you have hit the nail on the head. I met David Walker back in 2005 on Seattle when he showed up with representatives from  both the Heritage Foundation and the Brookings Institute who acted as a right wing/left wing panel after Mr. Walker’s speech at the University of Washington.   Robert, you are the only honest man I know. You do such a great job. Thank you.

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