Mini-Me: Time for NATO Truth & Reconciliation Commission? + NATO RECAP

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DATE OF EVENT:  1980-06-27

2012-08-26  Botched 1980 Gaddafi Assassination Kills All Aboard

2012-08-25 An Assassination of International Proportions 27 June 1980 and A Cover-Up by NATO : civilian jet with 81 civilians shot by French Mirage instead of Qaddafi Plane over Sicily

2012-07-06 Wikipedia / Aerolinee Itavia Flight 870

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2011-10-18 Libyan secret documents said to uncover

Ustica tragedy… and how Gaddafi escaped to Malta unscathed


2006-07-21  The mystery of flight 870

2004-05-03  Itavia 870 DC-9 I-TIGI Unsolved Crash

1999-10-04 What DID happen to Itavia Flight 870?

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Phi Beta Iota:  The ability of governments and multi-national organizations to lie and cover-up will be steadily declining over the next decade.  Today time lapses are on the order of qa quarter century, but this should begin compressing to 15, 10, 5, 1 years, then near-real-time as crowd-sourcing combined with back office open cloud and open analytics begin to take effect.  There is absolutely no question about the fact that the truth was known at the hightest levels of the Italian, French, Libryan, and US Governments, the day of the event.  The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has a long history of dubious and covert interventions that have created lasting animosity, at the same time that its current commander has called for “open source security.”  The time appears to have come for NATO to embrace a Truth & Reconciliation Commission with the specific intent of clearing the air and setting the stage for a new era in NATO's history, an era of open source security.

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