Owl: Made in Japan Radioactive, Unsafe, Moving Toward Lethal

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The data in this article is phenomenal – it shows tables of information containing test results for radioactivity in major foodstuffs in Japan, and it shows virtually all of it is contaminated beyond safe levels!

Don't Buy Anything Made in Japan!

“The Japanese people are beset by a food chain that has been thoroughly compromised by radioactive cesium. As a result, there is no longer any public confidence in the integrity of Japan’s food inspection system. Almost all edibles tested in Japan contain radioactive cesium, and it has now been verified that shiitake mushrooms in Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture have tested above the statutory limit for radioactive cesium. Thus, radioactive cesium has now spread far beyond Fukushima Prefecture. Like the HIV-tainted blood scandal of the 1980’s, Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has once again been blindsided due to the lack of a proactive plan…There is now virtually continuous testing of edibles in many prefectures of Japan, and more than 2,300 samples (as of August 2, 2012) have tested over the statutory limits for radioactive iodine and/or cesium. Radioactive cesium is also now being detected in food products manufactured in Japan. Therefore, there is extreme concern about short selling of food sector equities listed on Japanese stock exchanges.

Fukushima. Radiactive Cesium Contamination of Japan's Food Chain.
Almost all edibles contain radioactive cesium. Rivers and lakes are contaminated

One wonders what else besides food is contaminated. Do automobiles, electronics (TVs, laptops, etc.) – which are exported to the US and elsewhere – have dangerous radioactive residues? What will happen if this is the case, and the rest of the world refuses to buy Japanese products and foodstuffs? It would collapse the Japanese economy, leading to possibly incalculable world-wide economic repercussions. Such a possibility or probability is the likely reason why the Japanese government has lied about the truly dire nature of the situation in Japan. In light of this, it seems the worst-case scenario of the entire Japanese population abandoning the island and moving elsewhere – China? or eastern Russia? – becomes much more likely.


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