DefDog: SecDef “Normal” is Two-Star Generals Approving Individual Patrols

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Amazing….just amazing.  Reality out-does bad fiction.

Whatever Pentagon Says, U.S. Patrols With Afghans Aren’t ‘Normal’ Yet

By Spencer AckermanEmail Author

WIRED, September 27, 2012


Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told reporters on Thursday that “temporary adjustments” to low-level joint U.S.-Afghan patrols, enacted in the wake of widespread protests over an anti-Islam video, had mostly come to an end. “I can now report to you that most [U.S. and allied] units have now returned to their normal partnered operations at all level,” Panetta said.

The shift was intended, as Panetta said, to “protect our forces” — not just from anger at the video, but from a broader problem. Afghan forces have killed at least 52 of their American mentors this year. The NATO military command in Afghanistan isn’t totally sure why, and blames a mix of specific Afghan grievances and Taliban infiltration. So last week, the command decreed that the two-star generals at regional headquarters have to approve all joint U.S.-Afghan operations below the battalion level — which accounts for most of them.

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