DefDog: Egypt Sentences Terry Jones to Death — Stanley Inc. CEO Next? What About CIA’s Covert Action Staff? CIA to the World Court Again?

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Egypt sentences Terry Jones to death for Koran burning

(AGI) – Cairo, Nov 28 – The Egyptian High Court for National Security has condemned American pastor Terry Jones to death.

Jones provoked a wave of outrage in the Islamic world for have burned several copies of the Koran. The Egyptian state media reported that the same court also gave death sentences – again in absentia – to seven persons, including directors, actors and producers of the film about the prophet Mohammed “Innocence of Muslims”.

The latter individuals are all Copts residing in the US. The sentences, Judge Saif Al-Nasr Soliman stated, were inflicted “for having insulted the Islamic religion by taking part in the production of a film which offends Islam and its prophet.” (AGI) .

US Moron with Government Protection?

Phi Beta Iota:  Recollecting the World Court finding against the US Government and the CIA for the mining of the harbors in Nicaragua, and the Italian Court findings against CIA officers participating in rendition and torture, as well as the recent creation of a Geneva-based commission to begin charging CIA wit unlawful drone deaths and damages, we conclude:

a.  CIA, which has lived immunity rather than cover, is now “fair game” world-wide.  In addition to being charged in court, CIA officers who fail to live real cover will become targets for random assassination.

b.  Vigilante as well as state-sponsored execution teams sent to carry out–in the USA–legal sentences handed down in other countries, will become a new counter-intelligence challenge for the FBI.

As a side note, we find it troubling that the US Government did not immediately smash this moron down under existing hate crime laws.  The only explanation we can think of is that he really is operating under some kind of CIA protection, the same kind that allowed Blandon to ship in tons of cocaine to Los Angeles.

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