Mini-Me: Bimbo-Gate Sisters Khawam Family Fronted for Sadaam Hussein, Grayson Wolfe DC Insider, Akkadian Private Ventures LLC…

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The Astute Bloggers, Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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Phi Beta Iota:  Here is the executive summary — none of this has been validated from other sources, but what keeps coming back to us, in relation to both who the US Government does business with and who major commanders socialize with, is ZERO counter-intelligence.  We have no clue.  Amateur hour continues.

01  The Lebanese sisters are part of the Khawam family that fronted for Saadaam Hussein in assigning contracts where 50% came back to him.  The family name is allegedly feared still in Iraq.

02  The twin married Washington insider Grayson Wolfe, founding partner of Akkadian Private Ventures LLC and affiliate companies.

03  They work in all the CENTCOM hotspots and many of their contracts can be traced to Petraeus / Allen command periods.

04  Grayson himself was Iraqi Reconstruction and Special Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer of the Export-Import Bank of the USA, appointed by President Bush.  He also served in 2004 as Manager of the Private Sector Development Office of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad.

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