Mini-Me: Germans Suspect Federal Reserve Bank of NY Has Stolen 1536 MetricTonnes of Gold — On Tim Geithner’s Watch

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Germans demand bullion back after Federal Reserve refuses to let them view their own gold

Marc Howe, 1 November 2012

A secret report by Germany's Federal Audit Office leaked to the public last week states that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York refuses to allow Bundebank staff to even view the gold, triggerin suspicions that the vaults are empty as well as calls for the gold to be shipped back to Berlin.

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The leaked report has now led to calls from some of Germany's leading politicians for the nation's stateside gold hoard to be shipped back to Berlin. Heinz-Peter Haustein of the pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP) was quoted by German newspapers as saying that “all the gold has to be shipped back.”

Bundesbank board member Carl-Ludwig Thiele has urged calm, however, referring to some of the debate surrounding the gold to be “rather grotesque” and stating that the hoard is in the care of “highly respected central bankers” as opposed to “dubious business partners.”  Read full article.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The Secretaries of the Treasury, less Paul O'Neil, have been Goldman Sachs Griftopians, hence the sarcasm in the German comment about not having their gold in the hands of “dubious business partners.”  It does not get more dubious that Citi-Bank — original holder of the Black Lily Fund gold — AIG — and Goldman Sachs.  In combination with past allegations by the Chinese about Geithner's diluting gold with tungsten — and the continuing saga of genuine gold certificates called fakes and others distributed to presidential level cronies across both parties — we have the makings of not just a first class global scandal that will result in some assassinations, but perhaps a stake in the heart of Germany and the European Union.  This may be another reason why the IMF is suddenly getting serious about the Chicago Proposal Revisited (August 2012).  Everyone the public has been relying on has turned out to be a white collar criminal.

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