DefDog: State Email to White House – Seven Hours Elapsed Time From Advisory to Death of Two in Benghazi

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So far what we have is a CIA base not a consulate; State blase about security because it was a CIA base; Libyan local security evaporated; attack motivation still up in the air — pre-arranged kidnapping for political milking far-fetched; Stanley Inc. video clearly incidental; Russian intervention to stop CIA's less than covert arms deliveries to Syria makes more sense. Seven hours — and instead of leveraging the multitude of assets within 1-2 hours of the site, the Secretary of Defense focused on relieving two flag officers. My gut says Romney wins big and Obama goes home. If Obama wins, he will need a new Secretary of Defense, not just a new Secretary of State.

CIA Timeline Confirms: Woods and Doherty Killed in Benghazi 7Hrs After WH Told of Attack; Commercial Airliner Can Fly From London to Libya and Back in That Time

By Terence P. Jeffrey

November 4, 2012

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