Mini-Me: US-UK to Persist in Destabilizing Syria — Never Mind the Fiscal Cliff, Decade of War “Coming to An End” Etcetera

Government, Ineptitude
Who? Mini-Me?


2012-11-07  Britain to organise armed Syrian rebels into efficient fighting force

2012-11-07   Efforts to oust Assad from Syria shift after US presidential election concludes

2012-11-07  UN flays Syria war spillover

2012-11-06  Syria envoy warns country could turn into Somalia

2012-11-06  From a distance, Syria ‘feels’ like Iraq in 2004

Phi Beta Iota:  “Do not throw stones when you live in a glass house.”  We are already seeing discussions on the Internet about destabilizing the UK — here is one example:

This gives the Syrian government the full right to organize a militia of ex-cons in the UK to take down the government there by assassinations, cars explosions, shelling residential neighborhoods in main UK cities with mortar & artillery in retaliation.

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