Gold Transformer: Has US Stolen German Gold? Will This Break German Bank? Does This Make IMF Chicago Plan Revisited a “Must Do”?

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Gold Transformer

Germany financial architecture is under stress. If Germany fractures, Euro is gone. Could the US alleged theft of 1500 metric tons of German gold be part of the problem? Could this make the IMF August 2012 working group memorandum on The Chicago Proposal Revisited a “must do”?

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Phi Beta Iota:  There is one certainty, in our view.  The existing fiscal arrangement are unsound, unsustainable, and a betrayal of the public trust.  There are two possibilities: the Automated Payment Transaction Tax, and the Chicago Plan Revisited.  The true test of the second Obama-Biden Administration is going to be this: can they break out of the toxic status quo and change the game?

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