NIGHTWATCH: Fall of Jordan Impact on Israel?

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Jordan: Update. Anti-government protests occurred for four days last week and might still be taking place. However no mainstream news services have provided recent update reports on anti-government ferment in Jordan.

Comment: The Gaza story has more glamor than Jordan, but threats to the Hashemite monarchy are far more significant for the stability of the Middle East than the Gaza fighting.


Phi Beta Iota:  The three dictatorships that surrounded Israel and provided stability for Israel despite the cost to their own populations, are in turmoil.  Egypt is no longer stable; Syria may re-stabilize but is at risk; Jordan is increasingly at risk.  It is Israel’s tragedy that it is an invented state; that it has chosen to be genocidal toward the Palestinian people whose land it has taken over; and that it has relied on its stability and survival on three dictators.  This is not a sustainable proposition.

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