Owl: Dewey Clarridge of Iran-Contra in Benghazi — Part of the Stanley Inc. Set Up or Just Crummy Business as Usual?

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Here Raimondo inserts a few more pieces into the jigsaw puzzle picture of what happened at Benghazi. His most notable observations are on the fly-by-night “Blue Mountain” security firm guarding the doomed diplomatic staff there and on Duanne Clarridge, former CIA case office and an alumnus of the covert Contra war, and who leads his own private version of the CIA with a presence in Libya:

The Mystery Behind the Benghazi Attack

Were the Obama administration and Ambassador Stevens set up?


Anti-War.com, November 05, 2012


The security arrangements for the Benghazi consulate, and indeed for all our operations in Libya, are under scrutiny, and one detail is being seized on: the hiring of a small and little-known outfit, Blue Mountain Security, based in the UK, to guard the Benghazi consulate.

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Blue Mountain, described by UPI as “leading the way” for foreign mercenaries in Libya, found such a partner: the Eclipse Group, according to several news accounts. However, Eclipse isn’t “local,” not by any stretch of the imagination: the Eclipse Group is Duane Clarridge’s “private CIA,” which up until recently had a $6 million DoD contract — withdrawn after Eclipse embarked on a campaign to prove Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s drug addiction. After the cut-off of Pentagon funds, Clarridge — one of the Iran-Contra defendants, indicted and later pardoned — found undisclosed “private donors” to run his gang of international cowboys.

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Phi Beta Iota:  There are three scenarios on the table now.  The earliest, seeking to explain why the Secretary of Defense would order all military units across the Mediterranean to stand down for seven hours, suggested that this was a planned kidnapping/hostage situation that would allow the Administration to “rescue” the hostages on Monday.  We do not believe this.  The second, brought forward for the first time in the above article, is that the attack was thrown together when Innocence of the Muslims, an obviously inflammatory film, did not incite crowds in Benghazi.  The third scenario is that the Russians and perhaps the French were seeking to stomp down hard on clumsy CIA arms smuggling from Libya to Syria via Turkey.  Regardless of which scenario one favors, one fact is firm: the White House and the Office of the Secretary of Defense stood the entire US military down on Benghazi for seven hours, from the time of notification to the deaths of the first two of four dead among US citizens in Benghazi, including an Ambassador.  Seven hours.

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