Penguin: Benghazi – The Case for Impeachment

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Grasping at straws, but at root, some serious questions.

Republican plot to impeach Obama over Benghazi attack thickens

Washington – Reports allege a move for impeachment of Obama based on claims that he lied about the Benghazi attack and tried to cover up the truth that it was a terrorist attack. It is also alleged that he blackmailed Petraeus to co-operate in the cover-up.

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Phi Beta Iota:  A Democratic majority in the Senate assures there will be no impeachment.  And if there were a desire to impeach, there are many other things that could be added, starting with CIA extrajudiciary drone attacks but always bearing in mind that every Member of Congress has been impeachable for some time for abdicating their Article I responsibilities within the Constitution].  This petition is useful mostly as a wake-up call for the President–an opportunity to reflect on the criminal insanity of much of what is done abroad as well as at home, in our name and at our expense.  Taking Latin America as one example, if Obama were to completely erase all sanctions against Cuba and legalize drugs–the two signal demands of the Latin American and Caribbean communities as now organized within the Cuban and Venezuelan sponsored CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States).  President Obama has two months to sort out his priorities and his team–he can tread water for his second four years, continuing to do the wrong things righter; or he can get a grip on reality, implement the Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax, eliminate all other taxes, and recapitalize America.

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