DefDog: Senate Benghazi Report Slams State, White House & Pentagon But Still Covering Up…Seven Missing Charges Itemized by Phi Beta Iota

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CIA gets a free pass for dereliction on multiple fronts.  Noteworthy: Neither State nor Africa Command had any idea of the size and scope of the CIA arms smuggling operation based in Benghazi.  Also noteworthy that NSA has nothing at all on the attack in the days leading up to it or during the attack.  Deja bu.

REPORT:  Flashing Red-HSGAC Special Report-1

FOX: Senate committee report on Benghazi terrorist attack faults State Department

WSJ:  Senate Report Widens Fault for Benghazi Failures

Washington Post:  Sen. Joe Lieberman: Lack of security in Benghazi was ‘irresponsible’

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Phi Beta Iota:  The facts continue to be obscured.  Apart form NSA being worthless in relation to Benghazi, and Africa Command being unwitting of the size of the CIA contingent managing arms smuggling against Syria out of Benghazi, the report fails to illuminate what we consider to be the facts:

01  Benghazi was a CIA Base, not a diplomatic facility.  Security was the responsibility of CIA, not the Department of State.  This is the primary reason State was legitimately non-cholant about CIA.

02  The nature of the Ambassador's duties — and whether he may have been seconded to CIA and was actually serving as chief of an arms smuggling endeavor that was an act of war against Syria, has not been studied.  The lack of security for the Ambassador appears to be a mix of State believing he was being protected by the CIA, and CIA's failing to be completely truthful with State about the nature of the Benghazi situation, the Ambassador's role, and CIA HQS refusing to assign sufficient security assets to its own Base.

03  There were no lack of assets to do a combatant reinforcement and rescue, within one (Sigonella) to two (Rota) hours away.  The Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, is specifically not held accountable by this report.

04  CIA was engaged in an act of war against Syria, the attack was not terrorism, it was an irregular militia attack that should eventually be connected to Syria or Russia or both.

05  The Navy-Marine Corps team is responsible for non-combtant evacuation (NEO) operations.  The theater commandant is responsible for combatant reinforcement and oversight.  The CIA Base engaged in an act of war under nominal diplomatic cover fell between the cracks.  The absence of the standard Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) in the Mediterranean and the absence of any Marine Security Guards in Tripoli, should be noted.

06  In combination with CIA's recent decision to begin hiring more bodyguards for its case officers (an insane unprofessional decision), the Benghazi debacle suggests the need for a new National Security Act that takes CIA out of the covert operations business, transferring that mission to the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), and revisiting the entirety of the US Intelligence Community that continues to provide “at best” 4% of what a major Commander needs to know, and nothing for everybody else.

07  The Pentagon is broken across the board, beginning with the lack of intelligence and integrity at the top.  The  time has come to re-do Title 10 and Title 50, with an emphasis on simplification and clarity.  Four type commands (Big War, Small War, Peace, Homeland), a joint and multinational requirements, acquisition, and operational test & evaluation command, and an Open Source Agency (OSA) with General Zinni's National Monitoring & Planning Center (NMPC) and Robert Steele's Multinational Decision-Support Center (MDSC) would go a long way toward assuring that the recapitalization of the US military is based on ethically-derived and constructed decision-support.

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