Dolphin: Autism Up, Sperm Down

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Connecting the dots….isn’t that what intelligence is supposed to do?

Why Is Autism So Drastically on the Rise? An Environmental Horror Story

An investigation into the relationship between environmental poisons and human health is riveting — and terrifying.

If horror is your genre, environmental writer Brita Belli’s The Autism Puzzle, is the book for you. Her terrifying look at the chemicals we eat, drink and breathe is guaranteed to make your hair stand on end.

We should thank her for it.

Statistics released earlier this spring by the Centers for Disease Control revealed that one in 88 U.S. born toddlers has an autism spectral disorder—from the less severe Asperger’s Syndrome to the so-called classical form of the ailment. Worse, it’s not just a North American phenomenon; Belli also reports a 57 percent spike in Asia and Europe.

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Russian men: an endangered species?

It’s a man’s world, but maybe not for much longer. Scientists say males are on the road to extinction as their genes slowly fade away. And with the world heading for a fully-fledged sperm crisis, Russia could be affected worse than most.

­In a horrifying mutation, sperm with two heads, three tails or an inability to swim are becoming almost the norm amongst modern men.

“What used to be perceived as infertility is now very different. Twenty years ago, 200 million viable sperm per milliliter was considered normal. Today, 15 million is average,” Margarita Anshina, director of the Center for Reproduction and Genetics, told RT.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Special interests and corrupt politicans have driven most countries into the ground because schools and investigative media were captured by commerce, and the intelligence professionals remained preoccupied with secrets about threats rather than adjusting to see that the greatest threats to any nation are internal — the legalized crimes of industry run amok.  It should not escape notice that China is the one demographic that has no shortage of males, and they are exporting them as part of their long game.

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