Koko: Idiot Humans – Creating Mutant Viruses? Eugenics Play?

02 Infectious Disease, 07 Health, Commerce, Corruption

Deadly GM flu research that could ‘wipe out significant portion of humanity’ set to restart

Flu experts overturn self-imposed ban on creating mutant firms of the H5N1 bird flu virus
They claim the risky research is needed to prepare in case it naturally mutates to human transmissible form
But leading experts condemn decision to restart research into genetically modified versions of the virus
Humans can only currently catch H5N1 from infected birds, but when they do it is usually fatal

By Damien Gayle

MailOnline, 24 January 2013

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Phi Beta Iota:  “Who benefits?”  The “precautionary principle” is well established, and anyone who violates it generally has come combination of moral disengagement and financial corruption attendant to their decision.  The “good guys club” that includes Bill Gates and Warren Buffet is known to have a eugenics agenda.  Could it be that these researchers have been offered a financial incentive of such proportions as to overcome their intellectual appreciation for the risks?  As with nuclear proliferation, and small arms proliferation, the weakness of human ethics is the weak link — once created, such viruses will inevitably be “leaked.”  This is a good time for the public to ask: what is government doing on this issue that is or is not in the public interest?

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