SchwartzReport: Catholic Leaders Morally Disengaged and Complicit in Sex Abuse Cover-Ups for Decades

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schwartz reportAnother Catholic Sex Abuse Cover-up

This story just never stops, and finally one is forced to conclude that the Roman Catholic Hierarchy (as distinct from the living community of believers) is simply degenerate and corrupt. So many thousands upon thousands of children have been molested worldwide by this organization’s priesthood that I, for one, can no longer keep track of an accurate number, except that it is very large, and the damage very great. I don’t understand! how a Catholic family can be comfortable leaving their child with a priest and, I guess, because Catholic families are leaving the church in droves, the families can’t either.

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What’s astonishing now, in light of a continuing deluge of new information, isn’t that the local Catholic Church administration would put protecting its own ahead of considering the nightmare it was perpetuating for the victims – that’s pretty much a given. It isn’t even the lack of reporting to authorities – after all, churches weren’t legally required to do so then as they are now. It’s the apparent total lack of empathy that had to exist to describe a relationship between a priest and a 12-year-old child in terms of ‘surrogate father but also sex partner.”

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Phi Beta Iota:  This is a triple information pathology.  The Catholic Church is enabling, concealing, and perpetuating atrocities against children.  The government at multiple levels is willfully refraining from law enforcement against the Church.  And finally, the media is failing to do investigative journalism.

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