SchwartzReport: Corrupt Health System, Urban Farming Lowers Crime

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schwartz reportHealth Insurers Raise Rates Bigtime Despite Obamacare

This is the flaw in Obamcare. You simply can't create a viable nationwide healthcare system when it's principal function is to produce profit. Other countries have shown profit can be part of the program, but not its principal function. The greed in America is so great we cannot seem to muster the political will to overcome its drag. As a result we have some of the worst healthcare in the developed world, and pay! vastly more than any other country.

During The Worst Flu Season In A Decade, Workers Across The Country Can’t Stay Home Sick
PAT GAROFALO – Think Progress

Here is an unintended consequence of a system which does not make national wellness a priority. If you get the flu there is a good chance this is how you contracted it — a worker who can't afford to stay in bed because they have no sick leave.

Plant Tomatoes. Harvest Lower Crime Rates.

This is a wonderful story. An inexpensive, life-affirming reconnecting of people with growing plants. Such programs illustrate how our problem as a society is not money, it's a lack of vision and a failure of respect.


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