Owl: Confirmation of John Brennan at CIA Equals Congressional Approval of Open Season on “So-Called Americans” — Without Due Process, At Home or Abroad — And Thousands More Extrajudicial Killings of Foreigners

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Who? Who?

This offers a brilliant analysis, a “connecting of the dots,” of why Petreaus was set up to leave CIA. But that's not the main story. The general's affair was cover used by Obama for getting rid of Petraeus to install Brennan for a special purpose:

If Brennan were to succeed Petraeus at the C.I.A., the White House would not only install Obama's first choice in that office, no small matter in itself. Of far greater importance is the fact that, aside from Obama himself — and in certain respects, probably more than Obama — Brennan is the single most critical person in the design and implementation of the government's Murder Program, as I recently discussed. If Brennan does finally head the C.I.A., do you think that would be a coincidence? I do not for a moment believe in coincidences of that kind, especially not with an administration as determined in its lethality as this one. Think of it: John Brennan, who now is Obama's chief adviser on domestic security and counterterrorism goes to head the C.I.A.

I'll tell you what that means to me: Obama and his fellow murderers are absolutely determined to bring the Murder Program home to America, and probably even more quickly than I had previously thought. I described the steps by which that might happen in the second half of the preceding post. The unfolding nightmare that I described might very well lie in your future, America — and in the not too distant future at that. Do you care?  To be sure, the administration could achieve the same end with another candidate if it wished, Vickers for example. But to be able to unleash the Murder Program on an even greater scale with the man who knows everything about it, and from his lofty perch at the C.I.A. … it's a dream come true for these bastards. And that may well be the reason they decided to get rid of Petraeus.”

And Congress's approving Brennan will enable Obama to say Congress approves of using drones what this writer calls the “Murder Program”:

“As for the Murder Program: coincidentally — just as coincidental as Brennan heading up the C.I.A. (the Obama administration is truly blessed by the gods, is it not?) — someone just happened to provide a lengthy, confidential Justice Department memo setting out the administration's justifications for its assassination program to NBC News. Michael Isikoff dutifully wrote up the EXCLUSIVE story, and the yammering class exploded in an orgiastic frenzy of self-pleasuring. The memo refers to another, classified document “that actually provided the legal justification for ordering the killing of American citizens” — but that is a distraction of little significance, as I discuss below. The crucial point is that the administration has provided the essentials of its argument in support of the Murder Program, and it has done so in advance of Brennan's confirmation hearing.  When the august Senators question Brennan about the Murder Program, they will have more than enough information to frame their inquiry in a meaningful manner — and they will have sufficient information to pass judgment on whether they consider the Murder Program legitimate, rational and legal. (In fact, all that was true long before this latest “white paper” was leaked, as I also discuss in what follows.) But the appearance of this latest document “justifying” the assassination program makes the point inescapable: whenever anyone objects to the Murder Program on the grounds that the executive branch implemented a campaign of limitless assassination entirely on its own, without input or approval from any other branch of government, Obama and his fellow criminals can truthfully say: “But Congress had all the information it needed to judge the soundness of our policy. They had the opportunity to question John Brennan about it — and Brennan is, after all, the chief architect of the program. And they confirmed his nomination as C.I.A. Director!” Barring entirely unexpected developments, Brennan will certainly be confirmed. And that is precisely how Brennan's confirmation will be viewed in the future: as Congressional approval of the Murder Program. That, I submit, is the prize the Obama administration was after.”

This not the result of some top-down conspiracy, just the outcome of responding to events in ways that will inevitably lead to “the inexorable development of the political system in the United States over more than a century: toward a corporatist-authoritarian state domestically, coupled with a militantly, violently interventionist foreign policy.”

His sustained observations on this state now coming into being is also an eloquent comment on the ways of power:

“This system as it exists today consists of innumerable interrelated, constantly moving parts. Countless agencies, commissions and bureaucrats act in concert and on their own to expand their power, and that of government generally. The system has a life of its own; it is its own reason for being. It sustains itself, and it seeks more and more territory for its dominance. The exercise of power and the acquisition of still more power are not directed at the improvement of the lives of “ordinary” Americans, whoever they may be; ordinary Americans are of no interest or concern to the ruling elites, except insofar as their labor and often their lives are necessary for the maintenance of the lives of immense comfort and privilege enjoyed by the powerful. Power is not the means to some other end, although that claim is a crucial element of the extraordinarily successful propaganda so willingly swallowed by the public. Power — its exercise and maintenance, and the acquisition of still more power — is the end.”

Putting Brennan into CIA  will be a very major pillar for the elite to secure its future when the economy collapses:

“That is more likely to be the pattern of how this developed. But make no mistake: when Brennan's nomination is confirmed, the Obama administration will have won a victory of immense significance. As to how and on what schedule the Murder Program will be expanded, that, too, will depend on events to a significant extent. Since the administration is already expanding the number of strikes, there can be no question that they plan to rely on assassination more and more frequently. And if at some point there should be serious domestic unrest … well, we might prefer not to think in great detail about what the administration's response is likely to be.”

In the end, it's about power, about  keeping it, and expanding for it. For the 1%, and at any cost, against the 99%.


Toward the World of Nightmare (I)

Phi Beta Iota:  We do not agree with the fears of redirection of CIA drones toward homeland targets.  Not only does the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have its own drone and National Guard program, but there is no faster way to incite a violent revolution in the USA than to be perceived to have brought these extrajudicial means home.  There are enough “natural gas” explosions and “suicides” and “road accidents” to keep an honest FBI — not something we have right now (or have ever had) — busy for a decade.  We have no direct knowledge.  What we perceive is an internal war within the Obama Administration, in which the bureaucratic wallflowers watch anxiously from the sidelines as the dual chain of command has an intramural fight.  We do agree that Brennan at CIA would facilitate the expansion of the Obama “syndicate” that Rahm Emanuel has started up in Chicago, leveraging CIA capabilities and CIA illicit use of military facilities, to move drugs and do other nefarious things neither Harry Truman nor the US taxpayer desire.  The Bushes did it; the Clintons did it; now Obama is “getting his” — there is no faster way to setting up an international syndicate.   The one encouraging signal is that of white hot rage on the part of Special Forces — the best and the brightest, at least those over the age of 30 — at how they have been lied to and used to carry out extrajudicial killings against an insanely growing and never justified list of targets.  Something good is happening here — sources are coming out of the woodwork, and Obama-Brennan are racking up a legal bill they cannot pay.

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