Mongoose: Is General Patraeus Slated for “Suiciding?” + Meta-RECAP on No Rule of Law in USA

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If General Patraeus appears to commit suicide anytime soon, it will not have been suicide and the White House and the Department of Justice and the FBI will cover up the murder.   Since the dual chain of command got away with the murder of JFK, the impunity with which they are willing to murder American citizens has steadily expanded.  We are at a cross-roads.  The final Obama term will either begin the restoration of the rule of law (very unlikely) or deliver the multiple precipitants for sparking a revolution in the USA,

Berto Jongman: Brennan Set Petraeus and CIA Up in Benghazi, CIA 7th Floor Also Betrayed Him, Dual Chain of Command in Africa + Brennan/Drone RECAP

Phi Beta Iota:  The back chatter on the above post has been extraordinary.  There appears to be a growing anger within the Special Operations community with respect to their being lied to, abused, and put in danger for political advantage — one is reminded of both Jim Webb's book, Friendly Fire, and the murder of Col James Sabow, USMC in the early 1990's.  The trail of murders and uninvestigated suicides associated with the military-industrial-intelligence-terror complex is now easily over 200 in number just in the past 12 years, but evidently no one in the Inspector General, Law Enforcement, of Judiciary oversight world cares to take on the challenge.

If Patraeus is “suicided,” the irony and justice in relation to Petraeus' covering up the murder of Col Ted Westhusing, USA (RIP), is noted.

An honest President would demand that a task force itemize and investigate as a whole all of the “suicides” among all military officers in the past twelve years.  The results are certain to be frightening.  We do not expect such an investigation to occur, because the lack of integrity in the US Government has peaked at what we hope is a final high before public intelligence in the public interest begins to push back to good effect toward 2014 and 2016.  We pray that a non-violent public majority can restore the rule of law in the USA.  The elite and their security state servants are out of control, but from the bottom up, JSOG appears to be reconnecting with its integrity and that should scare the shit of Brennan and a handful of others.

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