SchwartzReport: Corrupt and Inept US Government Allows Rampant Food Substitution and Mislabeling — As High as 52% — California and New York City the Worst

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schwartz reportToday's issue is a selection of the many stories I have found showing the results arising from the efforts of the Theocratic Right to shape the world as they wish it. I want to be clear that this is only a selection. I could have picked 10 other stories.

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Because many of these efforts are either esoteric assaults on regulatory agencies, or programs at the state level, and they get little national discussion, I don't think most people quite realize how pervasive these efforts have been.

This all gets down to voting. All of us who want our country to choose a compassionate and life-affirming course must not only vote, we must take on the responsibility of counseling and assisting others of like mind to vote.

We have to take this very seriously.

— Stephan

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Seafood Fraud Study By Oceana Reveals Widespread Mislabeling Nationwide

Oceana, an international ocean advocacy group, has released a report on national seafood fraud [pdf], and the results are disconcerting. The report, which is one of the largest on seafood fraud to date, found that one-third of fish was mislabeled.

Oceana performed DNA testing from 2010 to 2012 on 1,215 fish samples from 674 retail outlets in 21 states. In this study, Oceana found seafood fraud everywhere it tested, with rates hitting as high as 52 percent in Southern California. Here are the full results:

Phi Beta Iota:  Ignorant inattentive people get the government they deserve.  It is a cycle of devolution.  Now imagine if there were an app for testing seafood (there is one for bio-chemical warning), and a public intelligence network that could immediately sanction any vendor caught out.  In the past, when government failed, vigilante justice prevailed as a last resort.  We want to try to avoid that — the best way to begin our recover is to start paying attention.

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