Anthony Judge: Wholth as Sustaining Dynamic of Health and Wealth

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, P2P / Panarchy, Resilience
Anthony Judge
Anthony Judge

Wholth as Sustaining Dynamic of Health and Wealth

Cognitive dynamics sustaining the meta-pattern that connects

Varieties of integrative thinking
Elusive nature of the pattern that connects
Experiential implications of wholth
Wholth: Theology vs. Mathematics?
Wholth through mathematical echoes of religious preoccupations
Wholth through religious echoes of mathematical preoccupations
Eliciting wholth through associating mathematics and theology
Engaging with mathaphors, isophors, analogies and correspondences
Wholth as essential to health
Contextualizing wealth as engendered by wholth
Whole and hole in the light of the stealth of wholth

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