Berto Jongman: Pentagon Oversaw Creation of Shi’ite Torture Squads and Secret Detention Sites

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Pentagon Accused of Organizing Shiite Torture Squads

Witnesses put key US military personnel at torture sites

By Mark Russell,  Newser Staff

Newser, Mar 6, 2013

(Newser) – The Pentagon directly oversaw the creation of a Shiite militia force that set up secret detention sites and tortured opponents during the US occupation of Iraq, as part of American attempts to put down the budding Sunni insurgency, according to a new report by the Guardian that is being called “staggering.” Colonel James Steele, a 58-year-old retired special forces veteran of “dirty wars” campaigns in Central America, was chosen by Donald Rumsfeld to organize the paramilitary forces. A second adviser, retired Colonel James H. Coffman, worked closely with Steele and reported directly to David Petraeus.

“They knew everything that was going on there … the torture, the most horrible kinds of torture,” says General Muntadher al-Samari, who spent a year working with Steele and Coffman while the Shiite militias were being organized. The allegations are backed up by several others, including journalists who say they were with Steele when torture was being performed nearby. Steele and Coffman had no comment on the charges, while a spokesman for Petraeus said the general always reported incidents of torture he discovered. Full investigation here.

Phi Beta Iota:  From 9/11 to the beheadings of Americans for propaganda effect to false flags across the USA to total criminally insane policies and a total lack of ethics in governance, the truth appears to be emergent and is no longer limited to the small audience of “truthers.”  This thread is now going mainstream, without the corporate media.  This is going to change the political and economic dynamic in the USA, and it may be that in the long run, only such an abject despicable, reprehensible betrayal of the public trust could have led to the destruction of the two-party tyranny and the total neglect by the government of its public responsibilities.

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