Graphic: Periodic Table of “Terrorist” Groups

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The Department of State currently labels 52 groups as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs), and strategic communications firm Navanti has put together a handy graphic to illustrate America's view of the global terror threat.

Drawing from State Department and academic sources, Navanti presents the periodic table of terrorist groups, which details the size, scope, and level of activity of each group:


Slide:  periodic table of terrorists

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Phi Beta Iota:  A careful examination of the table reveals that almost without exception, all of these groups are localized revolutionary groups seeking to achieve specific political and economic objectives within their own homelands.  Intelligence with integrity is lacking in the US Department of State — not among the good people trapped in a bad system, but at the “leadership” level where the truth about anything has been displaced by venal corrupt mind-sets for whom no atrocity will be refused if it furthers the financial goals of the cabal that has hijacked the US Government.  If the US Government had intelligence with integrity, it would be operating on the basis of the graphic here to the right.

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