Graphic: 9/11 Nuclear Schematic from Dimitri Khalezov

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The above diagram “WTC demolition damages distribution,” from Dimitri Khalezov’s work, illustrates how an underground nuclear device would turn to dust much of WTC1 and WTC 2, but not all. The use of micro-nukes in conjunction with the larger underground nuke is a possibility.

Below are from the Vancouver 2012 conference at which the use of 3rd generation micro-nukes was presented. The nano-thermite cover story is referred to as a “limited hangout” in intelligence parlance.

YouTube video summarizing nuclear destruction of the WTC

Reference: Mini-Nukes on 9/11 — Evidence in Detail

Reference: Mini-Nukes on 9/11 — Ground Zero Dust and First Responder Deaths from Multiple Rare Cancers — Incontrovertible Evidence

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