Dan Shultz: Graphic Concept for Unified Conservative Party

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Note: same concept can be applied by Sandernistas to the Democratic Party.

Graphic: Foreign Perception of USA as Greatest Threat to World Peace…

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Robert Steele: Reinventing the US Army Part III – Strategy, Reality, Precepts, Structure, & Leadership

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

Steele, Robert. Reinventing the US Army Part III – Strategy, Reality, Precepts, Structure, & Leadership, Carlisle, PA: Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, Press, Projected Publication 2017.

Part III in the Reinventing the US Army monograph series.

Robert David Steele

This is the author’s preliminary draft of the third of three monographs focused on the future of the US Army as an expeditionary force in a complex world that is rapidly decentralizing while also facing major development challenges.

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We have, with the election of Donald Trump,a once-in-a-century opportunity to rethink, reinvent, and reinvest in our national military concepts, doctrine, human capital, organizations, technologies, and command structures, while eradicating much of the waste that is characteristic of a “government specifications cost plus” approach to contracting. Donald Trump won against all odds, against both parties, without the support of the military-industrial complex. Donald Trump is “unshackled” (his word) – his instincts on costly foreign entanglements and the utility of organizations such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are on display.

Wars are won or lost in the decade or two before those wars begin. Whether countries have a Grand Strategy or not; evaluate all high-level threats or not; devise a coherent force structure in which all services and civilian agencies are complementary, inter-operable, and sustainable or not; invest in the human factor for leadership and solider agility or not – these will determine the outcome of future wars a decade or two before the first shot is fired.

If the US Army does not re-invent itself, it will absolutely not win the next war.

DOC: EIN 7FV42 ERAP Steele Vol 3 Reinventing the US Army 2.5 LINKS

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Graphics (5): Open Power Electoral Reform

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  1. Eligible voters — 70% blocked from ballot access
  2. Electoral reform act — 12 elements
  3. Transpartisan cabinet — team of rivals with integrity
  4. Two-party tyranny pigs
  5. One bird, two wings, same crap

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Graphic: Trump’s Landscape for Victory

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Phantom Phixer: How Rich Fund Phony Left

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Phantom PhixerBelow is a web site, now only available via the wayback machine, that followed funding for the phony left media, and a timeless graphic that shows the connections.



leftist media funding
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Does the Queen of England (Dope, Inc.) Want Donald Trump Assassinated?

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John Steiner: What Should Every American Know?

John Steiner
John Steiner

What should every American know?

In this time of social division and demographic change, we in the United States need a base of common knowledge more than ever. That’s why we created an initiative called What Every American Should Know. Inspired by our colleague E.D. Hirsch, author of Cultural Literacy, we are asking: What do you think Americans should know to be civically and culturally literate?

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Graphic: NATO Aggression Against Russia? 20 Years of Expansion in Violation of Commitment to Not Do So…

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Graphic: United States 50 Equal States

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